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Understanding the client and his needs in context is the foundation of our business. We are partners for our customers, helping them design such a solution that enables them to achieve their business goals the quickest and most effective way.

About the ACTUM SA team

The SA (Solutions Architects) team in Actum is currently represented by eight architects with a broad variety of interesting project and professional backgrounds. This includes projects with 10 000+ man-hours, 1 000 000+ users and/or tens of thousands new registrations a month across continents.

In Actum, we put strong emphasize on the newest technologies and processes. Our projects are carried out in an agile way (DAD, Kanban) and we focus on their overall and maintainable quality - from design to maintenance. This is also one of the reasons, why sharing internal knowledge and acquisition of external one, including attendance to conferences, is one of the foundation stones not only in the SA team, but in Actum as a whole.

A Solutions Architect in Actum is a person that:

  • Understands the business concepts of the customer
  • Consults the customer on how to choose and implement correct technologies in order to support his business goals
  • Consults the customer on the economical sense of the implementation
  • Understands technology and architecture design
  • Is able to apply concrete solutions to fit the customer‘s needs and business goals
  • Consults the customer on the solution formation and implementation
  • Consults Actum‘s Delivery teams to jointly build the solution

If you find design of web solutions to be of your interest, then know that a Solutions Architect in Actum has to have a basis of

  • Perfect communication and presentation skills in CZ and EN
  • Independence in discovering a client's business goals
  • Ability to decompose complex problems and analyze them (requirements, use cases)
  • Ability to prepare qualified solution designs (functionality, processes, infrastructure)
  • Team spirit while cooperating with other team members
  • Ability to make decisions that make business sense
  • Very good overview of technologies and trends in the world of web, e-commerce and digital
  • Strong drive in self-improvement, learning and sharing knowledge with others
  • Precision, reliability and consistency
  • At least a basic understanding of a web development process

It is an advantage if you have an experience with and knowledge of:

  • Communication skills in DE
  • Ability to use the Enterprise Architect modelling software
  • Advanced knowledge of the process of web application development
  • Knowledge of one or more of these platforms: Sitecore, Kentico, Telligent
  • Knowledge of one or more of these technologies: Solr, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, IIS, .NET stack
  • Knowledge of UML (Features, Use Cases, Requirements, Deployment Diagrams)
  • Working history on a similar position

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    "Passionate techie, Vespa rider and Sitecore MVP. His main mantra is: ,,To get the most out of whatever is being done”. This is one of the reasons why his entire team, including himself, is focused on business-first, effectivity-first digital systems design and consultancy."

    Gianluca Turturro | Chief Solutions Officer LinkedIn

    "We are a customer-oriented company and together we always find the optimal solution. Although we are all very busy, we always find time to talk about our projects and activities, and mutually enrich ourselves with new experiences. Don’t expect any bureaucratic processes like in corporations. Proposals for changes are always welcome here. Everyone can participate in the development of their department. Moreover, we have a wide range of non-traditional employee benefits in Actum, we have a great relaxation zone, and now we are looking forward to the completion of new flats in the V-Tower."

    Miroslav Malina | Solutions Architect