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Do you want the results of your work to be used every hour by up to 700 000 people in 25 countries? Do you want to be at the center of the action when changes are made in business segments such as FMCG, energy, retail and finance? Can you imagine being part of a project that is among the global, digital elite, and named Sitecore or Kentico Site of the Year? 

We would be really glad if you could tell us about yourself. You can also respond to one of the listed positions or come and see us without any obligation; perhaps come to one of the ACTUM Academies, have a chat over some homemade cake and our excellent coffee at the ACTUM Café, or join us on one of the dozens of ACTUM trips and sports events.

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Every month we receive interesting projects for Czech and foreign clients.

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We work together

As in sport, which we often do together, we also pull together at work and motivate each other. We work on agile principles and appreciate open and effective communication. Get to know the people you might be working with in a team. 

We share knowledge

Each new project adds to our knowledge and experience in the field, which we share at internal workshops. There is also regular training and certification for Sitecore, Kentico, Telligent, IBM and Microsoft products. You can have a look at the videos of selected lectures. 

We help

We share our experience in building websites with chosen non-profit projects that have meaning. As well as the fact that we all sort our rubbish for recycling, we are also helping to reforest the world. Some of us donate blood. Follow us on social networks.

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Life in Prague

We have people from every continent in our team

Moving abroad to work is always a big challenge. Whether you are coming to the Czech Republic alone, with a partner or with your whole family, we are here for you so that we can make the start of life in Prague easier for you and your family.

Does your partner live abroad? Let´s try to find a solution together, how he/she can start working in IT in Prague.

We have a lot of experience in this as a quarter of our employees are foreigners. We will guide you through the whole visa process from A to Z. We will help you put together all the documents you need and we will accompany you to all the authorities.

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