For the energy giant Innogy, ACTUM provides migrations to the latest technology platforms. It is a Continuous Delivery project, with team based often on-site in Essen, Germany

On the project were further outsourced .NET developers who work with Mongo DB, Azure cloud or MVC. ACTUM SolutionArchitect, Personalization Consultant and Content Specialist Maintanance also work on client side.


METRO Cash & Carry

Our delivery teams for METRO Cash & Carry have built independent sites in 25 countries. ACTUM+ consultants and specialists are helping the company develop a global digital customer experience strategy.

The client in Düsseldorf, Germany, uses our outsourced IT and digital experts in positions such as Solution Architect, UX Designer, Sitecore .NET Developer, Project Manager, Roll-Out Manager, Personalization Consultant, Emailing Specialist and Content Maintenance Specialist for different projects. 


Hill’s Pet Nutrition

Hill’s Pet Nutrition provides high-quality nutrition and pet care. ACTUM has created a sophisticated product sampling platform that has been localized in more than 20 countries for the client.

Our Front-End Developer, JAVA Developer and Support Maintenance Manager worked for the client in Prague for a long time. A Project Manager whom we outsourced and a Relationship Manager who joined the regular staff have long worked on the project. 

Zeta Global

ZETA Global

For Zeta Global, a big data and analytics company that helps brands acquire, grow and retain customers, provide a team of Database Marketing Analysts. The team helps one of their biggest customers, eBay, to operate a Centre of Excellence aimed on creating direct marketing campaigns, analysis of market trends and new products creation. 

CRM Database Marketing Analysts are responsible for creating customer segments for eBay`s International Direct Marketing campaigns using Teradata and Unica Campaign management tool. They are proficient with the use of databases and SQL coding and further with segmentation logics and campaign and data management in general.

 In this project, we have a chance to work with the world’s biggest customer data warehouse and create very complex campaigns reaching millions of end customers every day.

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