About us

Do you need additional developer tomorrow? Or do you want to build the entire team in just a week?

We are here to help you!

ACTUMx is the first choice for project resources in IT or Online Marketing. We have specialists who can start working for you right away!

Máme k dispozici specialisty, kteří pro vás můžou ihned začít pracovat! 

Creation, development, implementation and maintenance of specific technological solutions according to the needs and requirements of each client. 

ACTUMhas experts in all areas to make the best solutions and be able to provide added value in all processes.

Our services

Applications and web development

  • CXM platforms / Kentico, Sitecore, Hippo CMS
  • Full-stack development / JavaScript (Angular, Node.JS, React)
  • Front-end development / HTML, CSS, LESS, Browserify, Babel, React, JavaScript (jQuery), Bootstrap
  • Backend development / Java, .NET, PHP
  • Project Management / Agile methodologies (XP, Scrum, Kanban)
  • Cloud technologies / Amazon and Google cloud, Microsoft Azure

Customer experience and consulting

  • Personalization / Sitecore, Kentico, Telligent
  • Email marketing / IBM Marketing Cloud, Optivo
  • Data analysis / Tableau
  • Analytics and performance optimization / Google and Adobe analytics, Google Tag Manager, Collabim


  • Business analysis and Solutions architecture / Web, eCommerce and Digital solutions
  • Support and maintenance / Application and Web
  • Infrastructure / DEV Infrastructure solutions, Continuous delivery
  • User experience / UX-UI design

QA and software analysis

  • Specialized equipment, Verification, Quality, Efficiency
  • Technical specialists with extensive experience in software verification and analysis to ensure maximum efficiency
  • Manual and automated testing, QA analysis, Automated testing tools development

Mobile solutions

  • Development of systems for accessing services and projects developed on iOS, Android and React Native environments

  • Mobile first approach is the way to go these days. Thanks to libraries and frameworks like React and React Native, it is now much easier to develop a truly multi-platform application

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