ACTUM IoT is a consultancy firm that will help you complete the digital transformation in the area of Smart Offices and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Based on the synergy of the ACTUM Digital group and thanks to cooperation with a technology company with 90 years of experience in innovations in the field of technology and electronics, we can help you find out how to use the IoT in your office, manufacturing or logistics.

What if you needed to use temporal and spatial data collected by sensors, smart devices, IoT devices or Smart Machines and you needed to do it quickly, safely and with minimum cost? ACTUM IoT will provide the research, design the solutions, including technology, and will verify the feasibility in a pilot project and help bring it to your office or production.

The number of applications, mobile phones, smart watches and smart devices connected to the Internet will be steadily increasing. The main benefits of using those devices are time and cost savings as well as increased productivity.

Smart Offices

What if you could use all of your employees’ time effectively, thus increasing their productivity? Imagine that in the morning you find a parking place or a charging station for your electric car thanks to the application. A scanning device will automatically open the door for you, increasing safety in the workplace as a result. Your mobile will show you a free desk and the shortest path to it. With one click, you can order coffee or lunch, without having to wait in queues and take unnecessary time to pay for it.

ACTUM IoT will help you reduce unnecessarily allocated time and increase the comfort of your working environment. Moreover, all data can also be used, for example, to optimize heating and lighting, to determine the number and location of workplaces or for effective planning of the usage of meeting rooms.

Industrial Internet of Things

What if you were able to safely collect and analyze all real-time data, automate production and, as a result, reduce costs, increase productivity and accelerate delivery to market? Do you want to keep track of every item in stock or monitor the efficiency of the entire supply chain? Did you know that you can extend the shelf life of products thanks to a rapid response to changes in ambient conditions? What if you could automate maintenance in the production process and, using sensors, enhance safety and reduce the error rate?

ACTUM IoT will help you maximize the way real-time data are interconnected and automate predictive analysis so that the right information gets to the right people at the right time.

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