ACTUM IoT is a part of ACTUM Digital, thus utilizing 21 years of experience in digital transformation. As one of the first in the market, we can bring your company to the 21st century with everything that goes with it. Obviously, we also provide consultancy to gladly share our experience with you.

We believe in IoT and we believe that digitalization supports effectiveness and productivity of any company. We are certain that companies which are not transforming will not succeed in the future. Our mission is to help companies in their digitalization process.

We will map your situation, evaluate the right opportunities for implementing IoT in your company and implement it fully.

We specialize in retail industry, but we can provide solution for any segment.

We bring technological solutions

Production data collection and presentation

We develop and prepare applications which will enable to present the real-time data of your production equipment. We will connect to your production machine, car, camera or a set of sensors and will collect, process and present operational data using the state-of-the-art technologies, such as React, React Native, Angular and others.

We will create "intelligent" product layers

We will prepare your products for inclusion in cloud, will learn them to send data and utilize the advantages of Industry 4.0. We will find a technically and commercially proper solution, test its rationality and prepare its implementation in your existing products.

Interconnection of "stupid" devices

We can collect data even from "stupid" devices. We will develop and install sensors and micro-controllers in already existing technology and will enable you to collect data and make smart decisions. We will prepare concept, design and development of HW and SW part of solution and will implement them.

Finding an optimal Data Driven solution

We design solutions based on collected data, we use machine learning and Al services in order to find ways of making processes more efficient or find new business solutions. We use IoT cloud from Microsoft, Amazon, IBM and other partners.

Industry 4.0 offers a number of opportunities, it is only about how you will decide to use them.

As Satya Nadella, Microsoft General Manager, stated: "Every company is a software company. You must start to think and function as a digital company. The future of your company is really about you and about how you think about your digital company."

Look at IoT opportunities in companies - IoT Benefits.

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