Customer Experience and Digital Transformation

ACTUM is a company that designs digital strategies and technology solutions based on a client’s business goals. We design and implement technologies for personalised and consistent customer experience across all devices, such as your computer, mobile phone, watch and TV, as well as for your car, or in virtual reality.

Using the .NET, Java and PHP platforms, we develop and implement integrated technology solutions such as presentation sites, eCommerce and community portals. 

If you need to improve the business performance of your current or upcoming digital platform, our affiliated company ACTUM+ will guide you step by step through digital transformation. We will help you set up and optimise work with data, analytics, A/B testing, emailing, segmentation, personalisation and marketing automation.


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We design technology solutions

Presentation sites

We develop and implement web presentations, online service portals and mobile apps on modern technology platforms such as Sitecore, Kentico, BloomReach Experience, as well as React, React Native, Angular and others.


We provide solutions for eCommerce, including integration with client and third-party back-end systems and marketing automation. We work with Sitecore Commerce, Kentico eCommerce, uCommerce, nopCommerce and others.

Data-driven solutions

Along with ACTUM+ we design solutions using data about visitors: from simple rule-based personalisation to Campaign Management including advanced mathematical models, predictive profiling and analyses.

Community portals

Based on the Telligent Community technology platform, we build solutions for public community sites, customer service portals, corporate intranets and other closed community networks using a wide range of applications such as forums, blogs, galleries and more.

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Affiliated companies


What if you want to increase the performance of your digital platform and take advantage of all opportunities offered by the latest technology?

ACTUM+ will guide you through digital transformation.


What if you need Developers, Software and Solution Architects, Database Specialists or other professionals for your own team?

ACTUMx provides clients with IT professionals outsourcing service.

Actum Iot

What if more and more devices connected to the Internet provide real-time and real-world data that you can use for your business?

ACTUM IoT will help you to enrich your digital platform.

Our team

Tomáš Vondráček

Tomáš Vondráček


Jan Havel

Jan Havel

Managing Partner

Ratibor Líbal

Ratibor Líbal

Managing Partner

Klaas-Jan Meijer

Klaas-Jan Meijer

Strategic Account Manager
ACTUM Digital Netherlands

David Dzesatnik

Dávid Dzesatnik

Managing Director ACTUMx

Vojtech Dohányos

Finance Director

Jakub Hejsek

Jakub Hejsek

HR Director

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