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A Sitecore Content Hub DAM Success Story in the Hygiene and Workwear Industry

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Supplier of health and hygienic products

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Content Operations 

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About the client

client operations

A leading client in 15 European countries provides digital rental and other innovative services in the hygiene and workwear industry.

The target market of their services is large global organisations, SMEs, public and administrative institutions and emergency services.

client operations
content manager


Bridging the data silos

content manager

With over 10,000 employees, the Client faced content editing difficulties across multiple European countries. By adopting Sitecore Content Hub and integrating it with other enterprise systems, their work became more efficient, streamlining collaboration among various divisions and across all European countries. 



What did we achieve?

content editor

More precise content location

Locating the right content among many created versions proved to be a challenge when working with multiple assets sources and creative agencies. The Content Editors are no longer sharing content via emails or chat messages. Content Hub makes it easy to find up-to-date versions of the content. 
The assets are easily accessible within seconds by fast search and safely secured in Sitecore Content Hub.

content collaaboratio

Setting of User Groups and their rights

The optimal setting of the User Groups in Sitecore Content Hub is essential for working with any enterprise system. Actum aided the client by configuring the User Groups' access rights and privileges, resulting in smoother and more efficient cooperation within the company.
As part of the project, a custom view was tailored to the specific needs of one of the company's divisions.

upgrade of system

Content Hub Updates

The cooperation with the clients started in 2021 on a Sitecore Content Hub ver. 3.5. As the client has initially opted for manual upgrades to retain control, Actum has conducted several upgrades to a higher version in order to gain new functionalities. Upgrading to the Sitecore Content Hub SaaS model (4.0+ version) resulted in continuous access to new features by introducing the automatic upgrades


Optimized asset management

content publishing

Centralizing access to thousands of assets across European countries and different languages in Sitecore Content Hub helped the client to improve cooperation and efficiency. Actum provided valuable assistance to the client, offering Content Hub consultancy and developing tailored features and configurations to enhance their journey.

By adopting Sitecore Content Hub SaaS solution, there is need to manage infrastructure costs, updates or to ensure availability. To users, Sitecore Content Hub provides a single source of truth.

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