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ACTUM Digital empowers organizations to outperform the competition with their digital platforms.


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We build websites, e-commerce solutions, back-end applications, and integrations; we provide consultancy and content services.

We are building on a set of core values that help us guide our everyday decisions:

  • Trust
  • Partnerships
  • Leadership

Our clients are all over the world, and our team is diverse and fun to join.

ACTUM Digital grew up to a serious size company and we would like to present ourselves as an attractive and reliable employer.

The person we look for

That's why we are looking for a Sales Operations Business Partner

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This role is a critical point of success of our business. Drive core business support services and activities on top level requiring high customer proximity and agility, focusing on complex execution focus and immediate value add.
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The role

What is the Sales Operations Business Partner’s role and responsibility?

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In Actum, the Sales Operations Business Partner is responsible for a successful managing and develop a vision which is based on client using specific technology and deliver the required profit and generating long-term growth with satisfied clients and people

  • Build and develop relevant relationship/ be a trusted advisor of our business methodology
    To build, develop and fulfill company branding strategy
  • Be a trusted advisor as consultant you drive the right behaviours into the field by partnering predominantly with sales MGR, establishing structure, and identifying opportunities for higher business impact
  • Understand our business policy - operational processes, strategy and our plans
  • Accelerate decisions - in a way of making them, interpret them in a right way in and out
  • Proactively identify and implement operational improvements, enhancements, and system customizations that meet business needs
  • Manage all reporting and analytics activities
  • Monitor data and performance

Characteristics of the role

  • Understand Our business in terms of field requirements, GO-to-Market and operational process to influence the successful alignment between them for efficient planning and execution
  • Accelerate adoption Simplify the approach and package for easier comprehension by senior level stakeholders. Define priorities, articulate the steps for change and rollout agreed plans
  • Accelerate decision – making Interpret information, leverage insights and utilize the right tools to provide strategic guidance and recommendations to sales people
  • Knowledgeable Sales Operations BP knows the stuff we do. Web design, web development, implementation of back-end services, integrations, cloud infrastructure.
    A good communicator Based on perfect written and spoken English and building on persuasion, transparency and honesty, the Sales Operations BP can cover very complex topics, deliver messages, and achieve goals in communication.
  • Adaptable to new ways of working, new tools requested by the staff and clients, to various situations and a variety of stakeholders. Open to new ideas and new ways of working. Welcoming the opportunity to learn something new.
  • Manage your stakeholders Influence your stakeholders through strong credibility. Foster one team approach for greater transparency and impact, proactively fostering the extension of process standards to other lines of the business when of benefit. Your internal customers are Sales MGRs peer managers.
  • Demonstrate expertise through special operations projects that require your level of knowledge, skills and seniority. Proactively position yourself to take the lead, motivate peers to join your effort, and drive outcome that may transform process beyond your current team/ scope
  • Team player The Sales Operations BP goes beyond purely achieving goals with a team. He/she genuinely cares for the team and makes sure the individual team members are perceived as whole human beings and can grow in their roles.

Our company

Expected experience:

ACTUM Digital at night
  • Experience from a similar role
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Strong orientation towards the team, people, and their development. Empathy
  • Systematicity, purposefulness, rationality
  • Curiosity, openness to news, innovation
  • Effective communication skills
ACTUM Digital at night
  • Collaborate with the best
  • Freedom and responsibility
  • Designing sales process and sales workflow
  • Work that is never done
  • Annual bonus up to 20% annual salary if the plan is fulfilled

Are you interested? Or you don't see the right fit for you?

Please drop us a line and let us see whether there is a role that fits your skills and talent!

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