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About the job 

We’re a small and supportive community of Delivery Coaches within the Apollo division at ACTUM Digital, and we’re looking for a versatile, passionate, delivery-focused person, experienced with supporting the full product lifecycle from early-stage opportunity/product discovery through to live product optimization.

As a Delivery Coach at ACTUM Digital, you'll play a vital part in our agile development team, working together to drive successful project delivery and create a collaborative, high-performance work environment. You'll support the teams in the use of good Agile behaviour grounded in Agile principles. In other words, you’ll be the guardian of using Agile ways of working and thinking. You'll support teams to create great team dynamics, creating an atmosphere of collaboration and supporting the team to overcome conflicts that may arise.

What we expect:

  • Agile/Lean Ways of Working & Mindset -You’ve coached many Agile product teams and have deep expertise in Agile ways of working and mindset. You're comfortable working in the context of large corporates. You are able to discuss Agile fluently without relying on jargon.
  • Design and Development Collaboration - You have experience and are able to guide teams, in how UI/UX design and development can best collaborate together in the spirit of Agile delivery.
  • Team Dynamics - You understand the characteristics of high-performing teams and have a wide variety of tools available to you to help guide a team toward greater dynamics, collaboration, and effectiveness.
  • Conflict Management - You're comfortable addressing intra-team challenges and supporting individuals through conflict resolution.
  • Stakeholder Relationships - You’re able to cultivate trust and grow meaningful relationships with clients' senior stakeholders, encourage engagement and alignment of expectations, and empathise with the challenges they are facing. You can empathise with the culture of large corporations.
  • Proactive - You are proactive in supporting your teams, always trying to be steps ahead in identifying opportunities to make their lives easier.
  • Continuous Improvement - You’re continuously looking for ways to improve delivery processes and are eager to learn more about better ways of building teams and products.
  • Encouraging Growth - You recognize that it’s often the unsaid that holds us back, so you champion a culture of encouraging constructive feedback – both by providing individual feedback and coaching to team members and requesting it for your own improvement.
  • Leadership - You can read a situation and recognize when it's appropriate and necessary to intervene or to let things unfold.
  • Positive and Upbeat - You bring a positive and enthusiastic spirit to everything you do. And you are good at infecting your teams with good vibes.

What's in it for you:

  • tailored individual development plans, training programs, and relevant certifications
  • participation in industry events, conferences, and meetups
  • agile development and work on complex international projects 
  • ACTUM Café with delicious coffee, breakfasts, lunch, and other refreshments 
  • BBQ parties, team buildings, movie nights, knowledge snacks 
  • language lessons with internal native speakers 
  • support for education and self-development 
  • free coffee, tea, and fruit in relax zones 
  • flexible forms of cooperation 
  • MultiSport card arrangement 
  • international environment

About the Apollo division

We are the Apollo division within ACTUM Digital. Our primary focus is the development of websites, web applications and everything else related. Our strategic competencies gravitate around Sitecore and development on top of Azure and AWS services.

Our clients are international enterprises that excel in utilities, financial services, art, and retail. Our projects usually last longer than 12 months, but our relationship with clients lasts much longer, as we like doing everything possible to assist them.

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simona madajova

Simona Madajová

Junior Talent Acquisition Consultant