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One of the largest independent digital/full-service agencies in Europe, ACTUM Digital is a family of more than 300 digital experts working in three European offices (Netherlands, Germany, Prague) on hundreds of projects in over 15 languages for a vast range of global clients.

Actum´s ambition is to become a European IT/Digital Consulting company that will deliver complex IT/digital solutions across Europe and the USA.

About the job

Every division in Actum works independently. It's a company within a company. Divisions have their own budget, P&L, hiring, delivery, and sales. Every division drives sales differently. Some of them perform better, some worse.

The need for sales alignment is here, at this moment.

We are looking for an excellent sales executive who will set the sales strategy and unite all sales activities into one smooth sales organization.

Just to make you think this is the current situation in Actum (revenue, client positioning, client base):

  • Current Actum YOY growth is 40% with 30M EUR revenue in 2023 with headquarters in the Czech Republic and legal entities in Germany and the Netherlands.
  • The ideal client is a manufacturing company with up to 500-5000 employees with a potential of 1M EUR revenue per year. The secondary industry is e-commerce and retail.
  • Current client base: Christie's (USA), Conrad Electronics (DE), Korber (DE), Allianz Global Investors (DE), CWS (DE), SF Filter (CH) + 50+ more.

The role is about delivering the required profit and generating long-term growth by setting strategic goals, proper sales processes, people management and executing strategic tasks.

Main objectives:

  • Build and develop the entrusted sales operations department covering all of Actum's current divisions.
  • Set and align new sales processes (analyze, measure, adjust, repeat) that will keep up with double-digit YoY growth.
  • Act as a trusted advisor for Actum´s CEO, Managing Partners, and Division Directors.
  • Find business opportunities for upselling and cross-selling within the existing Actum client base/divisions.
  • Accelerate foreign expansion by new client acquisition in entrusted regions.
  • Boost Actum's acquisition activities to bring more qualified leads.
  • Support all Actum sales professionals to grow professionally, while supporting innovation, ambitions, and team ability.
  • Be responsible for delivering expected growth and revenue.
  • Drive an efficient entrepreneurship approach within the sales organization.
  • Reporting to CEO.

What we expect:

  • You can win clients and have a good client network.
  • You have extensive experience selling SaaS/Digital solutions and you have excellent knowledge of its sales cycle.
  • You managed sales teams (on a regional basis).
  • You have highly analytical skills, you can set effective sales processes, measure them properly, and then adjust them.
  • You can set the vision for whole sales operations based on Actum's overall ambitions.
  • You have a proven track record of executing ambitious sales plans.
  • Your results can speak for you.
  • You are an excellent communicator and presenter.

Are you interested? Or you don't see the right fit for you?

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Zuzana Sajarova

Zuzana Šajarová

HR Management Partner