BloomReach Experience

BloomReach Experience, previously known as Hippo DX, is used to build, analyze and optimize cross-channel digital experiences. Clients include FC Bayern München, Deutsche Telekom, Weleda, MailChimp, Randstad, Autodesk design software and National Dutch Railways (NS). The 2017 Gartner MQ for Web Content Management named BloomReach as a LEADER.

This leading digital content management solution makes it easy for marketing teams to craft and deliver targeted, optimized cross-channel content to all visitors, while offering a highly flexible and extremely powerful platform for IT departments to build bleeding-edge digital experiences at scale.

BloomReach Experience will help you understand both your existing and potential customers, schedule customer journeys, and provide your target groups with personalized and targeted content. Track and analyse user behaviour and optimize performance in any context – on the web, in mobile phones, on social networks, in applications, in display, on billboards or in IoT devices. Built on an open source foundation and with an API-first architecture, BloomReach Experience easily integrates with existing systems and data sources for unparalleled flexibility.

ACTUM is a Gold Certified Partner of BloomReach Experience in the DACH and Central European regions. Our Java and React JS Delivery Team is currently preparing an extensive eCommerce solution for our prominent German client to be implemented in 10 countries.

Kentico - ecommerce

Content & Commerce

Online shopping is no longer just a business transaction, but it is a significant interaction with your brand. Relevant, consistent and personalized content is crucial for customer relationships, retention and loyalty.

A comprehensive eCommerce solution combined with the content management system enables you to enrich customer experience, for example, with optimized product pages.

Kentico EMS

Get better business opportunities

Nowadays the shopping journey more and more often begins and ends online, regardless of industry, country or customer. Linking traditional and online business is an opportunity for data-driven content, as well as quick adaptation to changing market trends and customer requirements.

With progressive targeting, marketing automation, campaign management and eCommerce solutions, BloomReach Experience creates a unified and streamlined demand generation process.

Agile marketing

In today’s rapidly changing digital environment, marketing cannot rely solely on large advertising campaigns where response times are often long. What is crucial is response speed. The BloomReach Experience platform is designed for agile marketing teams.

BloomReach Experience provides comprehensive analyses and individual targeting. This makes it easy to create and reuse relevant and consistent content. Alternatively, you can experiment with marketing in different contacts with your customers.

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